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Melissa Murphy, Compassionate Focused Muralist


Melissa Murphy is not only a successful professional muralist, she is also the Director of Creative Design for the Orange County Probation Department. An incredibly talented Artist who uses her paintbrush for good in many ways. Melissa developed a compassionate-focused painting program for kids in the juvenile system, encouraging them to express themselves on canvas as an alternative to "tagging". Melissa encompasses our purpose: Helping Because We Can. We must identify the current needs of today in order to support and develop solution oriented programs just as Melissa did. We celebrate Melissa!


Anto Morales Brenden, Compassionate Focused Artist


A Successful business owner, graphic designer and artist for over 30 years, Anto is a wonderful example of today's compassionate-focused business woman. She's exceptionally gifted, skilled and educated in her craft. She is the beauty and the brains behind our logos. We shared our compassionate-focused-action oriented purpose, mission and vision with her, and our beautiful woman was born. We celebrate Anto! We are grateful to and for her. Women like Anto, along with our logo, remind us of our purpose, mission and vision. There's a new woman in town! Thank you Anto for bringing her to life.