Our Purpose:Helping Because We Can


Ensure all gain access to resources that meet 

their identified needs and improve community.


Increase compassionate-focused-action by empowering women 

of each generation and every demographic to actively engage and participate.


Compassionate Focused Business and Community

A brand new 501 (c) 3. You’ve received us with beautiful wide open arms and excitedly engaged us, we’re honored and grateful for you. 

Compassion is our guiding principle. Similarities and differences are equally embraced and respected: all are accepted because every human has value, worth and potential. Together we lift up each successive generation because they are the future, we are living leaders and loving mentors. 

#HBWC is operated by volunteers, who like you, have families, careers and pets.

Cultivating a compassionate action focused community is our passion and we are doing our best to devote any free time we can spare to get up and running. We are stronger together and invite you to reach out.

Below are ways you will soon be able to engage, embrace and empower. 

Social-Active Engagement


Business-Networking Engagement