Huntington Beach Woman’s Club

#HBWC Helping Because We Can; how did we get here?

Although, we were never a part of the original GFWCHB (and have no affiliation today) we have a different name and operate independently, our love for and commitment to serve our community: engage, embrace and empower is equally shared. 

We gratefully pay homage to our predecessors and will continue as their successors to preserve their legacy while establishing our own. Thankfully, women, such as they, were pioneers and paved the way for all women today. Inspiring women like us to create a modern version of their “Woman’s Club“ : #HBWC Helping Because We Can.

In 1908, six women formed the Huntington Beach chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Club, the GFWCHB. Their bond was cemented in shared beliefs to enhance their community and improve the lives of others. Libraries, Parks, Parades and more, they can be credited for. They were associated with much of Huntington's tradition and culture. 

Sadly, in 2011, their clubhouse burned down and they did not recover from the tragedy, which ultimately resulted in voluntary dissolution of their 501(c)3 Public Charity Status and their club. 

Out of respect for the groundwork laid, the original members and those who followed in their footsteps, we met with those willing to share the history of the club and seek their blessings. We gleaned a rich historical understanding full of stories, wisdom, love and teachable moments and overwhelming support. 

Their legacy inspired a lifelong dream into reality. A new 501(c)3 Public Charity Non-Profit. A dream focussed on a modern mission, reflecting today's needs that could illuminate our vision, fulfill our mission through our compassionate focused purpose.

Today's HBWC was founded, formed and run by 3 volunteers who share a passion for compassionate action. A new era has begun. Welcome to #HBWC.